screenshots from We Are One’s video shoot for “Shadows”

love working with these amazing musicians and friends. 

video coming soon…….

this was a video that took me and my friends two days to shoot. i’ve never taken more than 4 hours usually to shoot a video. that being said i got super anxious during the shoot because i knew i had more to do later on. i get impatient when shooting and editing because i see the video in my mind and want it to come to life asap lol i had to take my time with this project and plan all the shots the way i wanted them and schedule dancers to be at the second day. i always have help from amazing friends during these videos and i couldn’t do it without them. they played a big role in this project. the set up for this video was pretty simple (which is usually the way i go) the lighting set up was three strong lowel lights in the background. on camera a fast fast shutter speed and low aperture and iso. that gave us the “shadow” look. the singer had a soft light on her for some shots but the video is mainly all back lighting which was lots of fun during the shoot and post during the edits. I’m super excited to show you all. if you have any questions let me know! and check We Are One out!

A V S T I N  P A U L  -  E N O U G H  

Music video screenshots.

I absolutely love working with my brother. video coming soon.

this video was a blast too shoot! my brother has some cool friends and they hooked us up with the location. we shot the video in Wynwood at a warehouse called Mana. they use the location for a variety of cool event and tv shows and movies. i felt super blessed to be able to shoot at a location like that. we kept it simple with lighting. just two box leds behind him for most shots with some fog and then two color light pointing up at him from the ground. most shots were with the Sigma 50mm. can’t wait to show the video!!! coming soonnnnn. 

Make sure you check out Luis Gamarra! Sick vocalist and an amazing dude. These are screenshots from his latest cover “Say Something” in Spanish. 

Luis is an amazing guy that I recently met. he contacted me through another video friend and we met up for the first time to shoot the video. It was in the upstairs studio of my office that has a wood wall. it was a cool backdrop for the cover. it turned out pretty nice in the end. 


Your Favorite Franchise - Man on the Moon

Music Video Screenshots

totally enjoyed shooting this video. i was speaking to the band leading up to the shoot and we still hadn’t figured out a location. i was getting nervous that we wouldn’t find anything and then the video would end up being not so good but i remember that my parents have a cool backyard. the day of the shoot i called my parents and asked if we could use their backyard and being amazing as always they said of course. the location turned out to be perfect for the video. we set up some cool lighting with a few lights in the background and a wide soft light in the front and went to town. if you have any questions let me know. Thanks!